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Angel Readings – Beth connects with the Angels on your behalf receiving messages that will help you to become more in alignment with your Divine self. The Angels will have suggestions to help you to move forward. They May answer your questions, they will not, however, make your choices for you. Free will is the most precious and powerful gift of the Universe, the angels recognize this and help us to recognize it as well. The Angel’s will help you to change your life if that is what you wish. They can help us to find ease and grace in the challenging opportunities we face. Beth will help you to connect with your Angels. Angels step in and give you information on how you can improve your life. They will not make life decisions for you, but they will help you find solutions to issues in your life. They often give homework to help you move more quickly into your future. They usually offer tools and techniques to help whatever your situation is. $50 per half hour.


Angel Discovery Reading – We are all born with Angels watching over us. Find out who your Angels are, who has been with you since birth and who is here to help with a specific issue. This reading includes messages and very often homework. $125


Chakra Reading – We look at the state of the bodies of energy system. Underactive and overactive chakras will have an affect on what is happening in our life, our health, and how we are making decisions. You will be given tools to assist you in re-balancing your chakras. Includes Chakra clearing and realignment. $150


Divine Soul Reading – The perfect way to find out what your gifts are and why you are having trouble reaching your full potential. We will access your Akashic Records to see what may still be affecting you in this lifetime. The information given will help you to align with your divinity. These readings allow you to understand how your past lives, contracts, pacts, agreements and other blocks are effecting this choices you are making in this lifetime. We also help you to discover your Divine gifts. This information empowers you to make choices that are in alignment with your Divinity. When we make choices that are in alignment with more ease and grace. When we are in alignment with our Divine-self abundance flows. This reading takes approximately 4 – 6 hours to prepare. We will sit to discuss the findings for about an hour. You receive the written report to refer back and homework accompanies the reading to shift the energy.

Parents these are great readings to have for your children as well as yourself. Imagine being able to steer your child in alignment with his or her soul. Usually $200 but we have a web special now $150


Life Situation Reading – We access the Akashic records to find the blocks causing your current life situation. Once we know and understand the blocks we can clear that energy so that you can make choices that will change your situation. $100


Relationship Reading – Learn how you and your partner, friend, child, spouse, etc. can communicate more effectively. We look at your Divine Soul gifts, life themes and see how you support one another. This reading can help you to communicate better. $150

Spirit Guide Reading – Do you ever wonder who your Spirit Guides are? Where did they come from, what are they here to assist with? This reading is for you. $100


Spirit Guide Coaching – One of the most efficient ways to continue to make choice toward your ultimate goal for your best and most powerful alignment with your Divine potential. What are you brining into your life? 3, 6 and 12 week packages available.



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