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More About Beth

Beth Vargas is a Certified Professional Reiki Master/Teacher, Registered Karuna Reiki® Master/Teacher with The International Center for Reiki Training, a Certified Angelologist and Healing Facilitator. Beth is certified to teach all levels of the Usui/Tibetan Reiki method, as well as, three levels of Angela McGerr's Angelology and four levels of Healing with the Angels. Divine guidance has led her to combine these Angelic studies into a series of courses now called Angelology - Healing with the Angels.

Beth is a Reverend with the Universal Life Church and with the Institute of Spiritual Development. She is happy to perform weddings, baptisms, house blessings, and other special moment in time ceremonies.  


She is also a Mesa carrier and has studied Shamanism. She has also studied Jikiden Reiki with Frank Ajarva Petter completing Okiden level. 


Beth has been studying Mediumship, Channeling and Trance with renowned Trance Master Eamonn Downey of the Arthur Findley College. Beth also teaches classes in Trance both beginning and intermediate. She has studied many modalities with various other instructors as well. 

Beth is the founder of Spark of Divine, LLC in Vero Beach, FL. She holds an Associate Arts degree in Administrative Business and an Associate Science degree in Computer Science. She taught computer science at parochial school. She is also a licensed Cosmetologist. She has many interests and is always looking to add to her healing toolbox and takes as many courses as she can. 

“I started doing energy work instinctively as a young child, assisting small creatures to heal. I have always loved animals, a love that continues to this day. Ask me about Reiki for your pet. I also facilitate healing using the Angels with Reiki, crystals and the other energies. I have been so blessed to act as a channel for many beings.  I will never stop learning new things. I feel very strongly the more we know, the more we can help ourselves and others. I am called to teach, to act as a healing facilitator and spiritual counselor in the service of love and light.

I always knew that someday I would be called to open a healing center. As the years went by I wondered if what I felt was right. Then when I turned 43 I felt a great shift, once again knowing that the time was coming. At 48 began planning and saving for the future healing center. Of course the Universe sped my “plans” up. I thought I had several more years of planning and saving. I just love how Divinely it all works out! Take the leap of faith, you will be amazed how wonderful life truly is.”   


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