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Healing Services

Healing Services

Healing Services

We offer many healing services both (group and private). Below is a Menu of our services. Please call for times or appointments. 772-559-8895. We strive to provide a safe and loving environment for your healing needs.

**Please note: Energy Healing Session or any other service offered here should never be used in place of conventional medicine. All these techniques and modalities are to be used conjunction with allopathic medicine.  **


·  All practices are complementary to conventional medicine.

·  We do not diagnose or prescribe.

·  Practices are non-invasive balancing practices.

Service Offered: 

Aura Adjustment and Clearing – The Aura is our energy field that extends beyond our physical body. The medical profession calls this the Bio-magnetic field. Our auras can pick up energy from around us, from places and other people. We also release things into our auras some good some not so good. Aura adjustment and clearing clears out the unwanted or unneeded energies and realigns the aura creating balance and sense of wellbeing.

Chakra Clearing and Balancing – The Chakras are the energy centers of the body. When they are blocked or holding unneeded energy we feel out of balance and will often have trouble in different areas of our life depending on the chakra effected. This service clears out stagnant energy and get our chakras back in balance and alignment so we can move forward in life more effectively.


Cord Cutting – Cords are dysfunctional attachments we have to others or they have to us. Beth assist Archangel Michael in this process. This technique can be used to release many different types of energy, enabling behaviors, and to transmute past situations. Please note that thread of love can never be cut or harmed during this service.


Energy Healing Sessions – Everything is made up of energy and energy can and will create balance and healing. We offer several types of energy healing services or combined services depending on your current need. These service include:

Angel Therapy – We channel the energy of the Angels who will often have messages and homework for us based on what they see. This energy is based solely on what is needed by the recipient. Often soft and always loving the Angels help move energy through our physical body as well as the mental and emotional bodies to assist us in healing on all levels.

Crystals – Crystals are a gift from the Earth. Every crystal has it’s own healing properties. When lay the crystals on or near the body they affect our physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. The crystals are often used in conjunction with one of the other energy modalities.


Jikiden Reiki – Traditional Japanese Reiki as taught to Mrs. Yamaguchi by Hayashi Sensei. It is the same energy as Usui/Tibetan Reiki and works in the same way. Reiki heals on all levels. For information please read Usui/Tibetan Reiki.

Karuna Reiki ® - Karuna Reiki in its truest sense if not actually Reiki. Reiki is used here to mean energy. This was developed by William Rand using symbols that Patrick Zeigler received during his time in the Pyramid at Giza. This is a very powerful energy technique. It adds many layers when combined with Usui or Jikiden Reiki or used alone. As with all energy work we channel the energy and allow it to do what it needs to do for us and the client.

Usui/Tibetan Reiki – The official definition for Usui Reiki is, “A Japanese technique to reduce stress and promote healing on levels.” This is exactly what this energy does. Once we can reduce our stress response to life the body can do what it is designed to do, heal itself! Reiki heals us on all levels allow to be balances, peaceful and calm often even in the face of very stressful situations.

Meditation Therapy and Instruction – Meditations designed to help you to heal or work on specific areas of your life. This often requires more than one session. Sessions may be recorded.


Mentoring – Private assistance in an area of your choosing.


Sacred Space Creation – We can help you design and create your sacred space.

Shamanic Healing – We channel energy and use Shamanic techniques to assist you with your healing.

Soul Retrieval – Often times during a trauma in our life we will lose a piece of ourselves. Many times we are unaware that this has even occurred even though we will have a feeling of something undefinable being missing or of kilter. During a Soul Retrieval service we make contact with that missing soul facet to discover what needs to be done to create a sense of safety and love for it to return home.

Sound Healing Sessions – Sound is energy and vibration that can heal in many ways. We have many different tools we use for sound healing including tuning forks, healing grade Tibetan bowls, alchemy crystal bowls and elemental windchimes.

Spiritual Coaching – Similar to mentoring but we work on all areas of life to help you reach and fulfill your soul potential.

(All modalities complement each other and can be combined for a powerful result)

Prices vary (average $40 half hour and $65 hour) We do work on a sliding scale bring last pay stub. Our belief is that no one should be turned away because of inability to pay. We also teach many of these skills for class information please call.

******** All services work in conjunction with conventional medicine ********

Remember you are the one doing the healing we are just here to hold the space,
channel the energy and help to facilitate your healing process in a safe and loving environment.

**Please note: Energy Healing Session or any other service offered here should never be used in place of conventional medicine. All these techniques and modalities are to be used conjunction with allopathic medicine.  **


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