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Angelology ~ Helaing with the Angels Level I - The study of Angels specifically geared toward healing oneself and others. You will learn how to invite Melchisadec and the Sacred Seven into your life; learn how to use sound, color and crystals. We will be working with pendulums, muscle testing and other healing techniques. Learn about the Chakras, how to clear, energize, unblock and sooth, also how to feel and adjust the Aura including smoothing, sweeping and pullouts, how to write affirmations and meditations that are Divinely guided. This is a hands-on experiential course. Melchisadec and the Sacred Seven will assist you on your path to wholeness through physical, emotional, mental and spiritual harmony and balance. If you are ready to go deep to heal yourself this is the course for you. This course will change your life! This is a 10 month course and can be taken online or in person. $999 for the full course.


Angelology ~ Healing with the Angels Level II - You will learn to invoke and channel the healing energy of the Guardians of the Elements.  This class includes Certification in Angel Healing Level II, Attunements, practice and other materials. You will learn new methods for clearing, unblocking, energizing and soothing the chakras. Also you will learn Aura pull outs as well as clearing, smoothing and sweeping the aura. You will practice becoming more connected to your pendulum and crystals as a tools as well as how to use sacred geometry as a healing too.

We consist of the five elements. Allow the Angels of Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Ether to assist you in creating physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual harmony and balance. This course is about deep healing. If you are ready to heal yourself with the assistance of the angels this is the course for you. This course can change your life! Course will be taught for several dates to be determined. We will meet bi-weekly or monthly for about 2 hours. Pre-requisite Angelology Level I This course can be taken online or in person. $777 covers the cost of the entire course.

Chakras and Healing - You will learn about the 7 main chakras of your body, how they effect your health physically, mentally and emotionally. We will cover tools to scan, clear and realign the Chakras for optimum health and

wellbeing. Come experience your energy centers. Feel free to bring any pendulums or crystals that you would like to this class. This class is experiential, please come prepared to have fun while you connect, clear and align. This class is available in person or online. Approximately 3 hours. $88


Ethics in Energy Work - Find out why we need ethical practices for lightworkers, healing facilitators, Readers, etc. How you can raise your business to a higher standard. Learn what is ethical, it seems easy, common sense even but you will surprised how we slip up so easily. This class is a must for anyone studying future healing courses at Spark of Divine or The Institute For Spiritual Development Treasure Coast (ISDTC) which is a not for profit organization. Available in person or online. Class is approximately 4 hours $111


Reiki Level I Certification Training - Come learn to heal yourself and assist others. Feel this sacred energy fill you up and change your life. Be calmer, more at peace with yourself and others. You will receive a Reiki manual, attunements and a Level I Reiki Certificate. You will learn the history of Usui-Sensei and Reiki's roots. Learn the original Reiki Ideals in English and Japanese. Experience the healing sacredness of the Reiki hand positions. You will also learn Byosen Scanning, how  to Strengthen your Light. $188.00 6 CEUs available FL 50-15229 NCBTMB 111. Have plenty of water available. This class is from 11am – about 6pm depending on the students. Pre-registration required. Deposit due at time of registration. Payment plans available. Call Beth 772-559-8895


Reiki Level II Certification Training - Spend the day increasing your knowledge and immersing yourself in the healing techniques of Reiki. Deepen your connection to this Energy creating a more balanced nervous system, endocrine system and over all sense of well being.  In this class you will learn the Sacred Symbols, increase your Byosen Scanning, increase your intuitive nature, review and  refresh the hand positions, learn several Japanese techniques, and learn  principles and ethics. You will also receive the Attunements for Level II, receive Level II Certificate, have plenty of time to practice and build your confidence in your practice. Pre-requisite Reiki Level I. The class is from 9 – 3. Level II is very intensive, $266 CEUs available FL 50-15229 NCBTMB 712249 Pre-registration and deposit required. Call to register 772-559-8895


ART ~ Advanced Reiki Training Certification – Enhance your Reiki practice with amazing techniques shared in this level sometimes known as 3a. This level completes traditional Usui Reiki making you a Master Practitioner. We also add some very effective Tibetan Shaman techniques. In this level you will receive a book, The Sacred Usui Master Symbol, Attunements and Certification. You will Learn: moving meditation, manifesting meditation, about the Tibetan Antahkarana, Crystal Reiki Grids,  Tibetan Shaman/Reiki Aura Clearing Techniques and psychic surgery techniques. Join us for this all day immersion in Advanced Reiki.  Deepen your practice and enhance your techniques, professionalism and third eye abilities. Prerequisite – Reiki Levels I and II Certification This class is from 9 – 3pm $388 You must Pre-register with a deposit, payment plan available. Call Beth 772-559-8895 $375   7 CEUs available FL 50-15229 NCBTMB 111


Reiki Master Level Certification - Deepen your Reiki practice and learn how to pass this beautiful gift on to others. Reiki Master is the teaching level. This is a full two course. In this course you will receive a manual, Sacred Tibetan Symbols and master level attunements. You will learn Master Meditation, gain a deeper understanding of all the Sacred Symbols, how to give Healing Attunements, learn the elements of teaching Reiki to others, learn to give all levels Reiki Attunements to students, how to do self-attunements and review the values of a Reiki practitioner/teacher. 14 CEUS available FL 50-15229 NCBTMB 111 You must pre-register for this course. This course is a two day course and you must be present for both days to receive certification. Please review all the sacred Reiki symbols for this class as you will need to know each one in depth. $777 ($350 deposit) call Beth 772-559-8895 Pre-requisite Levels I, II and ART.

Karuna Reiki® Certification - Karuna is a Sanskrit word meaning to diminish the suffering of others. It can be translated to mean “compassionate action”. Karuna is the energy that all enlightened beings are sending to us all, as we are All one. While the energy is available to us all, not everyone can feel it. Once you are attuned to Karuna it speeds the healing process for yourself and increases the healing energies you can channel. All three levels offered* *Pre-requisite for Levels I & II – Advanced Reiki Training or Master Practitioner Level III *Pre-requisite for Master Level – Master/Teacher Level Certification 772-559-8895 to register


Level I Karuna Reiki® - allows healing on a deeper cellular level. It can heal past life and karmic issues as well as unconscious patterns, the shadow self and dispels psychic and psychological attacks. It helps to heal addictions and develop good habits. Assists in contact with higher spiritual beings, harmonizing the chakras and manifesting goals.

  • Level I Certification – $333 Includes:

  • Manual

  • 4 Symbols

  • Attunements

  • Instruction on using new symbols

  • Practice

  • Meditation

  • As with all my classes continued mentoring and support is always included.


Karuna Reiki® Level II - helps to connect the higher self with the lower self, improving learning ability, increasing creativity and healing communication. This level helps you to claim your power! Healing co-dependence, reality awareness and empowering your goals. Level II also creates peace and trust in life, healing fear and panic. It helps you to create priorities, manifesting goals in reality, grounding, increasing clairvoyance and assisting to heal the human race.

  • Level II Certification - $333 includes:

  • 4 more symbols

  • Attunements

  • Instruction on symbols

  • Practice

  • As with all my classes continued mentoring and support is always included.

  • Karuna Reiki® Master Certification teaches you how to share this beautiful healing modality with others.


Karuna Reiki® Master Level – Creates and even deeper connection with the energy of Compassion and with Divine Source. This creates more understanding toward the world around us. $333 includes:

  • Master Certification

  • Manual

  • Attunements

  • Attunement instruction

  • Master Symbol

  • Plenty of Practice time

  • Three day total is $999. Please call if you have questions or to register. Ask for Beth 772-559-8895


Soul to Soul an Introduction to Trance - This beginner level class will teach you how to quiet your body, mind and emotions so that you can connect with who you are at the deepest level. We invite you to join us for this experiential one day intensive to meet your Soul. Your soul is that eternal part of yourself. You will learn techniques that you can take home with practice you will build on these skills to advance to other skills taking you to the next level. You will learn to quiet the mind and body, move the ego aside, connect to your Soul, and connect to your team to receive healing. This is approximately 4 hours. $99 Available in person and online 772-559-8895 to register


Intermediate Trance – “Please join for an experiential day of connection,” Learn how to access higher frequencies to go deeper to retrieve more healing energy and information. Gain greater clarity while learning how to care for your physical self so you can avoid burnout.

If you are an experienced healing facilitator, have a healing modality that you love, and feel a deeper calling to the Earth then the Intermediate class is for you. If you feel a deeper calling to the Earth then the beginner class is the one, the future of the world depends on you.

Learn how to go deeper than you ever thought possible to channel higher frequencies than you knew existed. This work is integral to the future of this planet. We have chosen to live in an exciting time, the beginning of the Aquarian Age. Learn how you can help usher in this age of peace, harmony and understanding. Class is approximately 6 hours with a lunch break. $199 Available in person and online. 772-559-8895 to register

The Freedom of Forgiveness - This class will give you techniques to set you free from old wounds and new. Learn to live from a place of freedom.

Moon Phases - Learn how to use all the phases of the Moon. This class will create a deeper connection with the rhythms of life. This helps us to manifest more effectively.

The New Paradigm - What is it? When is it? (hint - now) What should we change to be aligned with the new paradigm? 

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